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The Latest from the Twittersphere - Forbes AgTech Summit 2019 Edition

Posted on July 02, 2019 13:24 PM by elyons

FarmWise‏ @FarmWiseLabs  California, especially the Salinas Valley, is a prime location for startups working on agricultural production. Its low seasonality allows to test innovation on the field almost all year long http://bit.ly/2KMuXro  #AgTech #ForbesAgTech @kenrickcai


Ag&Natural Resources‏ @ucanr  'Rural broadband is a huge issue with transformational capacity to bridge the rural-urban divide,' said @SecretarySonny Perdue at the #ForbesAgTech Summit last week. Read more here: http://ow.ly/eETh50uRUhD 


WorkingNation‏ @WorkingNation  How do you teach a computer what a good strawberry looks like? The same way you train a three-year-old, says @agshiftnow founder and CEO @miku_jha, who was part of #ForbesAgTech summit last week. @kenrickcai #farming #robots https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrickcai/2019/06/27/how-agtech-companies-teaching-robots-to-be-farmers-ai/#7ffc3ad441e5 …


Twheater‏ @Twheater2  “The world has changed, but beekeeping hasn’t,” says Dr. Fiona Edwards-Murphy, Cofounder & CEO, ApisProtect #ForbesAgTech


AgriNovus Indiana‏ @AgriNovusIN  Last week at #ForbesAgTech, Indiana-based @TheBeeCorp_ won the #Sustainability Award @THRIVEAgTech-@Forbes Innovation Competition, ending THRIVE’s 4-month accelerator program that began in February + ended at the annual Forbes/THRIVE Demo Day presentation. http://ow.ly/nIIC50uQM5E 


PlantTech Regional Research Institute, NZ‏ @planttech_rri  Excited for all the participants attending the #ForbesAgTech Summit in California this week. The theme is The Future of Food. Discussion includes the role that automation, blockchain, and other innovations will play in the future of the food industry.


Forbes‏ @Forbes  Salinas Mayor Joe Gunter welcomes a full tent to today's discussions: "It’s going to have to be the community ... You’re changing the world whether you like it or not," he says of creating change in the food and ag space. Presented by @CityofSalinas #ForbesAgTech


Driscoll's Berries‏ @driscollsberry  Driscoll’s is excited to help kick-off and participate in the 2019 #ForbesAgTech Summit! This event brings together over 600 agricultural leaders to tackle some of the industry’s most critical challenges. Learn more: https://www. https://www.forbes.com/forbes-live/event/2019-agtech-summit/


Land O'Lakes, Inc.‏ @LandOLakesInc  Our CEO @BethFordLOL at #ForbesAgTech “This is about food security for our nation, and we need to reinvest. We need entrepreneurs, in rural communities, developing businesses so there are opportunities for folks there.”


Tara‏ @NMMilkMaid  This lady is changing the way almond growers analyze their contracted bee hives. Using hives is one of the most expensive inputs for farmers. @TheBeeCorp_, a start up founded by recent graduate Ellie Symes, is helping analyze the health of a hive. #forbesagtech #forbeswomen


Forbes‏ @Forbes  35 startups are here at the #ForbesAgTech Summit Innovation Showcase offering a wide variety of solutions to the challenges facing the industry, such as achieving higher crop yields and less food waste


Forbes‏ @Forbes  With the bee population in a rapid backslide, this afternoon’s panel at the #ForbesAgTech Summit discusses how we can protect the global food system and innovate new ways to protect the species


Forbes‏ @Forbes   Steve Forbes gives the lay of the land at the #ForbesAgTech Summit


Forbes Communications‏ @ForbesPR  Our fifth-annual @Forbes AgTech Summit is about to commence in Salinas, CA, featuring speakers like Beth Ford of @LandOLakesInc, Ertharin Cousin @SecretarySonny and @SteveForbesCEO. Follow #ForbesAgTech and join the conversation.


Ag&Natural Resources‏ @ucanr  Ag tech doesn’t work 100% out of the box. Farmers may have to rethink the business model, said @YamahaMotorUSA’s George Kellerman (center) at #ForbesAgTech


Sec. Sonny Perdue‏ @SecretarySonny   Joined @Forbes CEO Mike Federle on the #ForbesAgTech stage for a great discussion on a wide range of issues facing agriculture today - interagency cooperation in DC to streamline regulations, broadband connectivity nationwide and the importance of trade.


FarmWise‏ @FarmWiseLabs  "Innovation has always been part of the mindset of growers of the #Salinas Valley, but today producers and innovators come together to target optimization of agricultural production in particular" - Dennis Donohue, Director, @wg_cit #ForbesAgTech #AgTech


Forbes‏ @Forbes  Dave Puglia, Executive Vice President, Western Growers shares his outlook on the future of the agricultural industry. Presented by @WesternGrowers #ForbesAgTech


Driscoll's Berries‏ @driscollsberry  "This year 100,000 people will pick Driscoll's berries. That's a lot of people. This is a business that's of the land and of the people and we cannot forget about the people." --Driscoll's President Soren Bjorn at #ForbesAgTech @Forbes


The Yield Lab‏ @TheYieldLab  .@ApisProtect and CEO @Fedwards_ will be at the #ForbesAgTech in Salinas this week giving a presentation exploring #AgTech #entrepreneurialism and #technology as well as their innovative technology that will help preserve global bee populations.


Trimble Agriculture‏ @Trimble_Ag   The #TrimbleAg and @HarvestMark teams had a great time at #ForbesAgTech this week discussing risk management solutions for the food supply chain. https://hubs.ly/H0jygG_0 


Ag&Natural Resources‏ @ucanr    ‘Data is the new currency,’ also in food safety measures, says Hank Giclas of @WesternGrowers #ForbesAgTech


Forbes‏ @Forbes   Frank Yiannas from the U.S. FDA on how to implement smarter technology for safer food: “For these things to work, you have to create shared value ... We’re all going to win and lose together.” #ForbesAgTech


Family Business Assn‏ @FamBusAssocCA   MT FBA Founding Member @YourTaylorFarms: Drew McDonald, Vice President of Quality & Food Safety, discussing technology for smarter food. #ForbesAgTech #TaylorFarms @Forbes Another family business giving back!


Santa Cruz Tech Beat‏ @SCTechBeat    Just out! @ag_tools showcases content management data solutions for agriculture at #ForbesAgTech http://www.santacruztechbeat.com/2019/06/30/agtools-showcases-content-management-data-solutions-for-agriculture-at-forbes-agtech/ … #santacruztech #agtech @janjanes_media @CityofSalinas @wg_cit


Finistere Ventures‏ @FinistereAg  It's really all about the bees! @FinistereAg portfolio CEO @Fedwards_ of @ApisProtect speaks at Forbes Agtech Summit 2019. http://bit.ly/2ITyylb  @akukutai @SpencerM_VC #forbes #bees #agtech


iFood‏ @iFoodDecisionSc    iFood Retweeted Trimble Agriculture

We were delighted to be a part of this discussion & launch of an innovative solution to further the #foodindustry's effort in providing #safefood to consumers. #freshproduce #foodsafety #blockchain #traceability


Western Growers‏ @WesternGrowers  “It's not sufficient to work on small parts of the problem & it's problematic to compete for a finite number of investors & sponsors to drive that process. It's vital for us to accelerate solutions & we can only do that together.” – @Dave_Puglia on #agtech @ #ForbesAgTech