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Exhibitors Announced for the Western Growers Innovation Showcase at 2019 Forbes AgTech Summit

Posted on June 05, 2019 08:14 AM by elyons

The fifteen technology startups selected to exhibit in the Western Growers Innovation Showcase at this year’s Forbes AgTech Summit were just announced:


1. Pago

2. Novihum


4. Fieldin

5. Bear Flag Robotics

6. ApisProtect

7. iFood Decision Sciences

8. Tailwater Systems

9. Groguru

10. Agtools

11. iTradeNetwork

12. KipTraq

13. PowWow

14. Heavy Connect

15. Wexus Technologies



Each of these companies will have a booth inside of the Innovation Showcase during the full summit program. Booth spaces will give summit attendees the opportunity to see firsthand what is new in the agtech space, and how the Center’s innovators are solving the most pressing issues in agriculture. The theme of this year’s summit is “The Future of Food;” WG showcase exhibitors are all integral to The Future of Food.


The Forbes AgTech Summit’s event website says:

“Thanks to advancements in automation, blockchain, food safety, genetics and more, the food industry is undergoing rapid transformation. New innovations have revolutionized how food is grown, processed, and eaten; which presents today’s agricultural workforce with a new set of opportunities and challenges. While what it will take to produce 70% more food by 2050 is still to be seen, one thing is for sure—these global advancements will be the driving force behind the future of food. Now in its fifth year, the 2019 Forbes AgTech Summit will convene the world’s preeminent leaders in the space to showcase cutting-edge developments and build solutions to one of the world’s most pressing concerns.”


Western Growers is, once again, sponsoring the Innovation Showcase to put our agtech innovators in front of industry change-makers. The Forbes AgTech Summit will bring together over 600 agricultural leaders and agtech entrepreneurs, to tackle the challenges of global food supply. The Forbes AgTech Summit is known internationally as the place where the Silicon Valley and the Salinas Valley meet every year. Register now for the 2019 Forbes AgTech Summit with the Western Growers Salinas Partner Rate. Summit attendees will be able to participate in the full Forbes program, as well as the Western Growers Innovation Showcase.