The Agriculture Industry
Has Never Faced So Many Challenges

Never before have farmers faced such intensive regulatory and marketplace demands even as key resources,
such as water, become scarcer.

Water Supply & Use
Growing More with Less

California has experienced some of the driest years on record which spurred a call for water conservation. How can we conserve water and still yield the number of crops need to feed the world?

Water Quality
Ensuring Safety

With a dwindling water supply, we need to ensure the quality and safety of the water being used. What technologies will help monitor the compliance of water quality?

Inadequate Labor Supply
Man vs. Robot

American farmers are facing a shortage of workers needed to harvest their crops. Will immigration reform be the answer to this problem or will robotic harvesting technologies be the future?

Crop Protection
Great Expectations

The public’s changing expectations around the use of crop protection tools opens the door for new solutions. How can we effectively protect our crops and meet expectations?

Get to know more about Western Growers Association and how you can influence the future of agriculture.

Feeding The World
with fewer resources

To help our members do more with less, Western Growers launched the Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology (WGCIT) in Salinas, CA. The Center was created to help identify industry priorities, discover technologies to address those priorities, set up testing, facilitate industry feedback and communicate progress to California, Arizona and Colorado fresh produce farmers.

Meet some of our Innovators

And learn more about the technologies they are developing to improve the future of ag.

  • scoutlabs

Donat Posta & Jimmy Fong

We're building the world's densest digital trap network to accurately gauge insect pest pressure. This helps millions of farmers in precisely combating crop-eating insects, accelerating a transition to more sustainable methods. Good for the farmer, the environment and for our food security

The Climate Box
Pedro Mastrangelo

Hyperlocal frost risk assessment with unparalleled technology to inform due diligence processes, site selection and frost protection investments and optimization. Climate intelligence for a changing climate risk in speciality crops. +150.000 acres assessed in the United States, Mexico and Europe.

Jong-Myong Kim

Ac-Planta introduces Skeepon, an innovative plant biostimulant designed to support growers in overcoming drought and heat challenges. This proprietary solution is compatible with all crop types. By leveraging cutting-edge biotechnology - epigenetics, our product strengthens plants' resilience to heat and drought, ultimately leading to amplified yields.

EcoGrow Naturals
Mike Antony & Jonathan Cocker

EcoGrow Naturals stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of agriculture. With a pioneering spirit, EcoGrow Naturals offers a comprehensive suite of eco-friendly solutions, including nano nitrogen and nano DAP, natural NPK fertilizers, bio-potash from sugarcane, and seaweed-based biofertilizers, all of which are setting new standards for sustainable farming practices.

  • Tric Robotics

TRIC Robotics
Adam Stager

TRIC Robotics is an agricultural technology company helping farmers control pests and disease using ultraviolet light as an alternative for chemical pesticides. We provide farmers with a pest control service that uses our automated treatment platform to achieve healthier plants with less chemicals.

  • Gripp Tech

Jenkin Lee, Tracey Wiedmeyer

Launched in partnership with Purdue University and large agronomy and specialty crop growers, Gripp digitizes your equipment operations with our operator friendly QR + Mobile App system, helping to manage equipment maintenance, access valuable operational knowledge and routines, and reveal critical insights about your operation to eliminate downtime once and for all. Gripp breathes connectivity into your equipment & operations across key dealers and service providers without the cost of expensive hardware sensors, all for the cost of a few bushels.








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The fresh produce industry is labor intensive and requires significant use of water and other inputs. If we are going to continue providing safe and healthy food to a growing population, we must collaborate more closely with the innovators and entrepreneurs who can help us revolutionize how we farm.

Bruce Taylor, Taylor Farms

We have this huge need for innovation to set us forward and propel the entire industry. We aren’t getting it done individually. This initiative is tremendous and bold, particularly because we are doing it in a cooperative and collaborative manner.

Vic Smith, JV Smith Companies

Western Growers is held in such high regard in the industry, and we appreciate how dedicated members are to helping prepare these startups for the opportunities and possible challenges they will face in the marketplace.

Chris Boody, SVG Partners

The Royse Law Firm congratulates Western Growers for its leadership in promoting technological advancement in the fresh produce industry. Hopefully, WGCIT will be a model for others to use in dealing with the problem of feeding the world.

Roger Royse, Royse Law Firm

Innovative solutions, with a focus on smart sustainability to produce more food in even more efficient ways, will be key drivers to meeting the challenges facing specialty crop growers here in California, Arizona and Colorado

Nasser Dean, Bayer CropScience

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