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Roi Adar

RootsTalk, an advanced drip irrigation system, is the first to offer "Irrigation as a Service" through an autonomous irrigation controller. The company’s non-conventional oxygen availability method enables them to reach unparalleled results for almost any crop, under any growing condition. RootsTalk guarantees all clients a gross gain of at least $100,000.

Jason Varni
iTradeNetwork, Inc.

Only iTradeNetwork is built for the food supply chain, enabling the visibility, control and insights built on the largest end-to-end food-centric supply network in the industry. Through an extensive trading partner network and a comprehensive data foundation, iTradeNetwork’s products allow distributors, manufacturers, operators, retailers, suppliers and wholesalers to easily communicate and collaborate on orders, logistics and distribution. Solutions offered by iTradeNetwork reduce cost, grow revenue and strengthen trading partner relationships.

Boaz Bachar

FieldIn is an end-to-end pest management software solution for professional growers of specialty crops. They help growers save money on more efficient crop protection practices, reducing overall use of pesticides and eliminating spray mistakes. By utilizing sensors on equipment, FieldIn provides equipment tracking, real-time alerts on spray mistakes, pest management performance reports, view of pest population hotspots, pest severity levels and more.

Teri Riess
UNIBEST International LLC

UNIBEST International’s Ag Manager™ platform introduces a new insight to soil sampling by using hydrogen and hydroxide charged ion-exchange resins (same elements released by plant roots in exchange for soil nutrients) to better simulate nutrient interactions by the plant root and soil by adsorbing only ‘Bioavailable nutrients’ that are in forms and amounts available for plant uptake. This measurement of nutrient Bioavailability offers industry leading insights associated with soil profiles to ensure the right amount of fertilizer is applied at the right time, at the right rate, in the right form and in the right location. UNIBEST International’s Ag Manager™ also measures the soils ability to release plant available nutrients in pounds per acre per day to help growers better match critical plant nutrient uptake periods in a variety of cropping systems.

Colin Brown

Tracmap is world leader in supplying precision guidance systems for ground applications in the agriculture, horticulture and viticulture. The capabilities of Tracmap’s online management software for farmers are extensive: draw out maps using Google Earth imagery, apply variable rates, identify hazards, retain paddock by paddock history, schedule jobs for the crew, and even link with a variety of other software packages to ensure easy integration with existing packages and processes.

Kristi Mason

Sigfox has built a global network to connect billions of devices to the Internet while consuming as little energy as possible. With millions of objects connected and a rapidly growing partner ecosystem, Sigfox empowers companies to create new innovations on the Internet of Things. Sigfox’s unique approach to device-to-cloud communications addresses the three greatest barriers to global IoT adoption: cost, energy consumption, and global scalability.

Chez Berman
Grower’s Secret

Grower's Secret creates and develops safe and environmentally-friendly organic fertilizers that dramatically improve plant vitality. The company offers plant growth energizer products that result in bigger and healthier plants, improved resistance to pests and disease, reduced crop cycles and increased shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Liron Brish
Farm Dog

Farm Dog is a precision agriculture solution for pest and disease management to help growers reduce pesticide use while minimizing crop loss. By offering a pest and disease management platform, Farm Dog is making healthy and environmentally sustainable food accessible to everyone.

Bruce Rasa

AgVoice provides a voice-to-data, workflow management service for food and ag professionals. By combining a voice-enabled user experience with a cloud-based proprietary analytics platform, AgVoice enables users to achieve verifiable fast inspections, reporting and workflow management for the agri-food supply chain more accurately. These actionable insights can improve yield, reduce risk and optimize sustainable use of water, fertilizer and pesticides.

Sean Lyle
PowerGrow LLC

PowerGrow's innovative energy solutions for greenhouse production are designed to optimize land use and create more sustainable growing environments; while mitigating grower risks and creating real value. Its patented solar tracking system with integrated battery storage and co-generation provides 100% of the power requirements for the growing, processing, packaging, cold storage and shipping facilities.

Aaron Enz
Alta Energy

Supported by proprietary analytics, Alta Energy provides expert guidance, including analysis, strategy formation and execution to clients that face the challenges, complexities and opportunities of renewable energy. Alta Energy delivers tailored, objective recommendations on renewable energy technologies, vendors and financing options that best meet the needs of each customer and project site.

John Skardon
Tailwater Systems, Inc.

Tailwater Systems specializes in a low cost, high performance process for reducing nitrates in surface and subsurface drainage. The company designs, builds, installs and operates compact bioreactors for removing nutrients and other regulated substances from an operation’s drainage.

Aaron Magenheim
AgTech Industries

AgTech Industries products include infield telemetry, designed to collect sensor data, and operations software, which allows growers to transform in-field data into better informed growing decisions, such as controlling and monitoring irrigation with real time information. AgTech Industries offers the first growing operations platform that allows utilization by all of the growers’ employees.

Nate Taylor
Aeroptic LLC

From enhancing precision agriculture efforts to improving crop yields, Aeroptic is focused on helping unlock the power of aerial imagery in geospatial information systems. The company uses state-of-the-art aerial remote sensing technology to improve crop yields and identify production trends.

Cyrille Habis

AgriData is a Digital Yield Forecasting technology for Permanent Crop Farmers. We mount cameras on the ground vehicles farmers operate and run the imagery through our patent-pending Computer Vision and Machine Learning technology to produce accurate yield maps. The data allows farmers to accurately forecast their yield several weeks prior to harvest which enables variable rate farming and significant business optimizations.

Sumer Johal

Agralogics offers a collaboration management platform that allows growers to easily access and share information about the food they grow. Through SaaS-based applications and services, Agralogics provides farmers with detailed analytics about their crops – information about everything from weather, thermal energy, soil quality, pollination and more.

James Stottlemyre
BAM Agricultural Solutions

BAM Agricultural Solutions’ is providing the agricultural industry with a new nutrient delivery technology for growing increasing quantities of highly nutritious food via improved plant nutrition, soil health and water use efficiency. Its patented platform technology was originally developed to promote growth of strong plants for astronauts on long duration Space missions. The BAM-FX® product is a solution of special ionic minerals, which can not only correct nutrient deficiencies, but also increase yield, quality and nutrition with less inputs, by-products and waste.

Warren Bebb

BioLumic develops ultraviolet (UV) recipes and devices to apply UV treatments to a range of different crops. BioLumic’s UV Treatments—which applies UV light to seeds, seedlings and plants in specific recipes to control their growth patterns—increase yields, improve quality, and improve resistance to disease.

Nathan Dorn
Food Origins

Food-Origins provides unparalleled insight into the production of high-value and specialty crops. By delivering actionable data to significantly improve productivity for handpicked crops, Food Origins connects the land, farmer, and consumer with new standards of insights and access.

Vincent Pluvinage
BioSensing Systems

BioSensing Systems combines technologies from multiple sources with internal inventions, to enable new efficient uses of hyperspectral imaging in Agriculture and through the food supply chain.

Manu Pillai

WaterBit is focused on delivering the decision support systems for efficient resource utilization on commercial farms. Differentiation comes from the ground up—patent-pending innovative sensing solutions based on fundamental physics, robust networking and highly tuned application software, all focused on core grower needs.

  • Kevin France

Kevin France

The SWIIM® System is a software suite and technology system designed to enhance a farm’s operation, and conserve applied agricultural water, while actually increasing the overall potential income to a farming operation. Our patent-pending process allows farmers to help plan, monitor and verify their crop and water use.

Chris Terrell
Wexus Technologies

Wexus Technologies, Inc. focuses on optimizing energy, water and food resources while meeting the needs of a growing population. By accessing smart meter technology, the Wexus software platform makes the most complicated utility data simple, usable and actionable to empower growers to save money, time, energy and water.

Robert Morris

TerrAvion is the largest aerial imagery subscription service for farmers by volume. TerrAvion delivers weekly imagery at plant or row-level resolution to guide management, agronomy, pest protection, and forecasting.

Poornima Parameswaran
Trace Genomics

Delivering a soil-borne pathogen diagnostic test, the first of its kind based on genomics technology. Trace Genomics is full-stack, and includes proprietary molecular biology, bioinformatics and advanced data analytics pipelines.

Mike Dodson

Lotpath is creating a smarter food supply, one app at a time. Lotpath offers web and mobile tools for growers, labor, packing house, cold storage, sales to assess the quality of fruits of vegetables. Creating innovative software for food and agriculture, Lotpath serves farmers, fresh produce packers and shippers, juice makers, food manufacturers, and others working hard to feed the world.

Dennis Amoroso
Plant Nutrition Technologies Inc.

Plant Nutrition Technologies Inc. (formerly Advanced Materials Processing, Inc.) removes mine waste from the environment, removes the toxins and heavy metals, then mixes it with bio mass in anaerobic bio-converters to create a highly mineralized and customizable soil amendment fertilizer that will replace synthetics altogether. The use of this material will reduce water consumption by 40% while increasing yields by 25%.

Eben Russell
Russell Pacific

Russell Pacific is bringing to growers The ATI DuraTrack™ HZ, which is a ground mounted solar racking system known as a single axis tracker. By tracking the sun’s movements, the solar panels on a tracker will harvest more energy than if they remained in a fixed position. The superior production capabilities of a tracker during peak times provide better ROIs and yield more value out of the same land.

Brian Dawson

HarvestPort is a shared economy marketplace that allows participants to procure planting, harvesting, transport, and storage resources at the lowest possible price, while simultaneously helping agribusinesses monetize idle equipment during their off-season.

Brian Curtis
Concentric Power

Concentric Power is an innovative clean energy infrastructure company dedicated to sustainable agriculture and industry. Concentric develops onsite cogeneration facilities to deliver electric power and low temperature refrigeration from high efficiency, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated systems.