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  • Bobby Maestas
  • Bobby Maestas

GUEST BLOG: New Insights into the World of Farming with GeoVisual Analytics

Posted on August 21, 2017 11:45 AM by WGCIT

By: Robert Maestas

University of California, Berkeley 2018

Economics Major, Geospatial Information Science and Technology Minor

Summer 2017 Internship with GeoVisual Analytics 


My time working with GeoVisual has been nothing short of transformative. Though I have worked with agriculture companies in the past, GeoVisual has offered me new insights into the world of farming. I have seen first hand the revolutionary effects of technology in improving the efficiency and sustainability of farming. I have seen how aerial imaging can benefit both consumers and producers. And I have seen how teamwork is what truly makes the dream work. More than I have learned about the interworking of technology on product yields, I have seen the importance of team connectivity. This internship has challenged me and shown me how vital it is to build bonds of trust and communication as well rapport with colleagues in order to function as a cohesive unit to get the job done. Altogether this internship has not only expanded my knowledge of farming but has also strengthened my passions in agriculture and confirmed my hopes of pursuing a career in the field.