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GUEST BLOG: AgTech Industries hosts Globaltecnos farmers from Argentina on August 11

Posted on August 16, 2017 11:33 AM by WGCIT

By Aaron Magenheim, CEO of AgTech Industries

AgTech Insight and AGTech Industries has been working with a grower consulting group from Argentina for over a year to help build a two- way bridge for AgTech.

On the 11th we hosted 27 farmers from the Córdoba province. They are land owners form around 1.000 has, and they rent in an average 2.000. They produce extensive crops (corn and soybean). 

I talked about the AgTech eco system and insight for an hour, Dennis Donohue told them more about the Salinas growing region and Western Growers, and then three agtech companies pitched:

The guests were very engaged and excited. I am planning a trip to Argentina later this year to meet with growers and others in their ecosystem.

If there are other companies in the center that have beneficial tech for their crops and area have them contact me - or if growers from here want to learn more about how to collaborate on the farming / tech side of things in Argentina, please contact me at aaronm@agtechind.com.