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Grower Trial Network Continues with Bee Technology Virtual Event

Posted on January 29, 2021 10:26 AM by elyons

On Thursday, January 28, the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology (WGCIT) Grower Trial Network met virtually to discuss bee pollination season in the West. ApisProtect and The Bee Corp, both Center residents, introduced their bee hive technologies to several growers with crops throughout California. WGCIT Director Dennis Donohue organized and moderated the event, and both bee technology companies fielded questions from the grower participants. The virtual GTN was recorded here for Western Growers (WG) members to reference.

Dr. Fiona Edwards Murphy joined the growers from Ireland and introduced them to ApisProtect. ApisProtect allows commercial beekeepers to “safely identify and respond to disease, pests, and other hive problems faster than ever before.” ApisProtect is featured in this month’s Western Growers & Shipper Magazine, just in time for California’s pollination season.

Ellie Symes, CEO and founder of The Bee Corp, joined the farming panel after a Q&A with ApisProtect. The Bee Corp is an Indiana-based agtech startup developing solutions for commercial pollination. Symes talked about The Bee Corp’s mission to safeguard our food supply and support beekeepers across the country. She also asked the growers if anyone was willing to run trials when she arrives in California next week. Her team is especially interested in testing their technology with avocado production, vegetable pollination, and seed crops.

The Grower Trial Network has been a strong initiative coming out of the WGCIT. The Center’s startups do a fantastic job of educating the WG growers and getting their “ask” out there. Many of our agtech startups need the feedback from the farming community to advance their technology. The Center wants to thank the fabulous WG members that participate in these Grower Trial Network events! Their time and input are invaluable to us.