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2020 Reflection, Moving AgTech Forward in 2021

Posted on December 29, 2020 10:50 AM by elyons

The Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology is continuing our mission of solving agriculture’s most pressing issues. Farmers are feeding more people, with less resources, through a global pandemic. Agriculture is an essential industry, so the Center is open for business through this trying time.

According to Dennis Donohue, director of the Center, “2021 will feature the resumption of the Grower Trial Network sessions.  They will continue to be virtual through the first half of 2021.  We will publish a schedule for the first quarter just after the New Year. The goal will be to provide as customized settings as possible for all residents.”

The Center has launched several workforce development programs in an effort to encourage youth to pursue careers in agriculture and technology.

The Center will also continue to provide important industry programming for Center residents and sponsors.  The first quarter will feature programs such as the following:

  1. An Update on Grower Issues
  2. Industry Basics
    1. Produce Sales Desk
    2. How Planting Schedules are Made
    3. How do Harvest Managers look at Yield
    4. A View from Ag Ops
    5. Updates on Compliance Issues in the Field
  3. Progress from the Center
    1. Food Safety
    2. Data Management
    3. Automation

Happy New Year WGCIT!!!