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  • Tonya Antle

New VofV Podcast Episode – Organic Farming: Selling Health, Well-Being and Lifestyle

Posted on November 16, 2021 11:52 AM by WGCIT

Organic agriculture is more than just about eating healthy; it’s a lifestyle. Tonya Antle, Co-founder and EVP of the Organic Produce Network, was among the industry pioneers who helped build the organic industry from scratch.

In this new episode of Voices of the Valley, she shares how to create consumer confidence with burgeoning and unknown industries…because she did it with organic agriculture. She also reveals how to identify opportunities to expand, change the mindset of both consumers and farmers, and how to meet your triple bottom line (profit, people and the planet).

Throughout the interview with podcast hosts Dennis Donohue and Candace Wilson, Antle provides a preview of the upcoming the Organic Grower Summit. The event, which will be held on December 1-2 in Monterey, California, will offer a series of educational sessions and workshops aimed at providing farmers with the tools needed to building a thriving organic enterprise.

Listen to Tony’s podcast episode and subscribe to the Voices of the Valley podcast in several ways:

Click here to learn about the Organic Produce Network. To register or learn more about the Organic Grower Summit, visit https://www.organicgrowersummit.com/registration/.

The Voices of the Valley Podcast is hosted by Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology. To learn more about the Voices of the Valley podcast or to be featured as a guest, contact Dennis Donohue at ddonohue@wga.com.