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  • Ethy Levy

New VofV Podcast Episode – How to Become an Agtech Impact Rainmaker

Posted on December 14, 2021 14:13 PM by WGCIT

As Israel has long been known as an innovator in water usage, the country’s technologists have helped farmers achieve 30% more yield while using 60% less water. How? Ethy Levy, founder of Bridge Hub and Impact Innovation Israel, reveals that collaboration is the key in the newest episode of the Voices of the Valley podcast.

Listen as she shares tips on adopting innovation, creating the right infrastructure for innovation inside an organization and successfully connecting to up-and-coming startups. Ethy will also dive into Israel’s new tech innovations, discuss water solutions for a global marketplace and provide insight into the right tools needed for commercializing innovations. 

Listen to Ethy’s podcast episode and subscribe to the Voices of the Valley podcast in several ways:

To learn more about how Ethy is globally connecting agrifood tech, visit the Budge Hub website.

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