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Q&A with Dennis Donohue: Crop Collaborative Initiative

by elyons

Posted on February 26, 2019 11:05 AM

We recently sat down with Dennis Donohue, the director of Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology, to learn more about the Crop Collaborative Initiative. 


What is Crop Collaborative Initiative?

The Crop Collaborative Initiative is a Western Growers/Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology, jointly, industry-led initiative designed to accelerate field automation progress with a primary focus on field harvesting.


Who is the Crop Collaborative for? 

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Fall in Love with Our AgTech Startups this Valentine’s Day

by WGCIT Western Growers Center for Innovation

Posted on February 13, 2019 03:22 PM

Have you ever thought about the role ag plays in Valentine’s Day? What about the technology farmers use to grow and harvest the perfect piece of produce? Or the delectable fruits and vegetables used to make the tastiest Valentine’s Day dinner? As Valentine’s Day approaches, there’s no better time to highlight some of the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology agtech startups we love and appreciate! Here’s a collection of startups who joined the Center in 2019 so far.

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