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WGCIT Resident Startup Amenities Expanding with New Building Gym Opening

Posted on September 08, 2017 11:14 AM by WGCIT

Contributor: Paul Cater, lead at Alpha Project

Alpha Project positions itself as the tech and innovation leaders in the entire industry of adult fitness or what we call: the aging or "corporate athlete". So, it is a natural fit to be servicing those in Ag innovative technology.

Like those at CIT, we are pioneering more efficient and less invasive techniques to increase output: Alpha is on the vanguard of vibration and flywheel technology- originally designed for NASA and Medical bone density and muscle activation solutions- and now implementing for sports performance and corporate wellness.

Tuesdays and Thursday at 11:30 will see these low joint load-higher neural adaptive techniques on display in the form of a 30 minute class. Otherwise, CIT members are welcome to come over to the gym at any time for exercise and mental recharge. Often exercises leads to release of stress as well as the birth of new ideas.

$15  drop in fee for CIT members 
$75 monthly Access to all classes (including Innovative Exercise Demonstration)
$150 performance package including : INbody Body Composition Test, personal programming interface, and all group classes

For additional information, please reach out to Paul Cater directly: 831-229-7906 / Athleteint@gmail.com