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Updates from our Residents

Posted on November 02, 2017 09:37 AM by WGCIT

UNIBEST International has developed Soil Analytics to auto-generate customer data reports with syncing capabilities for integration with third-party soil labs. UNIBEST has developed a short video on how the Soil Analytics system works: here. UNIBEST has expanded its ag capabilities for the upcoming business year.

Concentric Power was featured in this month’s Food Logistics magazine. Brian Curtis, founder and CEO of Concentric Power, shares food for thought with Food Logistics on how the cold chain can be both sustainable and efficient.  Concentric Power was also consulted about Puerto Rico; Tesla wants to re-build Puerto Rico’s power system infrastructure. Brian Curtis, founder and CEO of Concentric Power shares his thoughts with Planet Analog on Tesla’s power system infrastructure plans for Puerto Rico. 

Ripe.io wrote a guest post on “The Blockchain of Food,” for The Mixing Bowl, and it was featured on Forbes.com here. A highlight of the piece is the notion where farmers are granted new distribution opportunities through the Blockchain of Food that ripe.io has created.

PowerGrow is turning “fallowed land into financial success.” PowerGrow technology can help farmers grow 8-12 times the produce per acre, while using dramatically less water. In the last Western Grower & Shipper magazine, PowerGrow elaborated on how they build “patented, renewable energy-powered, high-tech glass commercial greenhouses that give growers the opportunity to maximize yield, conserve capital, preserve natural resources, solve labor problems and earn greater profits. PowerGrow is a one-stop-shop. The startup designs, finances, builds, owns and operates greenhouses that allow farming operations to deliver locally-grown, fresh produce 365 days a year, regardless of weather."

Harvesting Inc won Best FinTech Award at African MicroFinance Week at Ethiopia. African Microfinance Week is a major conference dedicated to the development of financial inclusion in Africa and was attended by stakeholders across the ecosystem including MFIs, NGOs, Development Banks and numerous impact investors. The full press release about the €10,000 award and Harvesting Inc is available here