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Salinas AgTech Meetup: Harnessing the Energy of the Future

Posted on March 27, 2017 09:31 AM by WGCIT

The March ‘Salinas AgTech Meetup’ took place at the Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology. This time our focus turned to new energy technologies in agriculture. Focused on “Harnessing the Energy of the Future,” our featured speakers were Aric Saunders with Wexus Technologies, Aaron Enz with Alta Energy, and Chad Forrest with Concentric Power. The center’s lead, Dennis Donohue, moderated the ag-tech startups’ presentations and a panel discussion. The March meetup had a very encouraging turnout of fifty-two attendees. Keep reading to learn more about the participating companies:


Wexus Technologies, Inc. is focused on one of the great challenges of our time: optimizing our energy, water and food resources while meeting the needs of a growing population. By accessing smart meter technology, our Wexus (Water-Energy-Nexus) software platform makes the most complicated utility data simple, usable and actionable to empower growers to save money, time, energy and water. Smart energy management sets growers apart from the competition.


Alta Energy offers growers comprehensive analytics nationwide, objective solutions benefiting clients, company-wide view of opportunities, more options and solutions, efficient procurement and deployment, achieves scale, and poses no risk to engage. Alta Energy simplifies a complex solar power ecosystem for each distinct farming operation.


Concentric Power is a next generation provider of energy products and services, headquartered in Campbell, CA with a field office in Salinas, CA. Its primary focus is manufacturing and deployment of high efficiency energy modules for onsite electric power generation and low temperature refrigeration. Combining engineering, operations, maintenance and finance expertise, Concentric removes all barriers for large energy consumers in the ag and industrial sectors to fully optimize their energy efficiency and cost structure. Concentric Power encourages farmers, growers, processors, and shippers to think outside the grid.