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The Latest from the Twittersphere!

Posted on November 01, 2017 09:45 AM by WGCIT

Hank Giclas‏ @hgiclas  

@WesternGrowers #AgSharks @seed2growth invests over $2million in @wg_cit companies Congrats to @AgVoiceGlobal and @HazelTechUSA


SWIIM System‏ @swiimsystem  

@swiimsystem thanks outgoing @WesternGrowers chairman Sammy @samduda and welcomes incoming chairman Craig http://ow.ly/DuTR30gfJ4N  #wgAM


S2G Ventures‏ @seed2growth

Happy Monday from #LasVegas! Looking forward to an exciting few days here at the 92nd Annual @WesternGrowers Meeting!


SWIIM System‏ @swiimsystem

@swiimsystem congratulates David Gill as the recipient of the 2017 @WesternGrowers Award of Honor http://ow.ly/NMow30gg1p2  #wgAM @GillsOnions


AgFunder‏ @AgFunder

Report: Agriculture in Top 5 Most Automatable Industries, Above Retail http://bit.ly/2zcN1oI  #robotics #agtech


Tyler Mayoras‏ @TylerMayoras

The Farms of the Future Will Be Automated From Seed to Harvest. #farming #agriculture #agtech https://buff.ly/2lyiOup 


HarvestPort‏ @harvestport  

HarvestPort's @brianpdawson is excited to engage with organic growers at the @CCOForganic South Coast chapter meeting tonight.


Farm Industry News‏ @FarmIndustryNew

Generate power, get 'free' refrigeration? Interesting high-tech tool for range of #ag products. https://buff.ly/2hJCOI  @concentricpower


Sean P. Lyle‏ @SPLPowerGrow

PowerGrow Video 9 21 17: http://youtu.be/JT13MpV_MeE?a  via @YouTube



With 15 @Arraytechinc projects under construction using @FirstSolar mods, choose RPCS for innovative design & execution of DG projects


Western Growers‏ @WesternGrowers  

What will the effect of cannabis production be on #CA agriculture in terms of labor? #Cannabis expert panel says cannabis workforce isn’t seasonal like traditional ag. Labor is full time & permanent. #wgAM