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Latest Grower Trial Network in Santa Maria A Success

Posted on May 24, 2019 14:55 PM by elyons

The latest Grower Trial Network event took place in Santa Maria, with sponsorship and support from Netafim; the evening program was organized by WGCIT Director Dennis Donohue. The Western Growers members that attended on the growers’ side: Mesa Vineyard, Laguna Farms, Cal Giant, Teixeira Ranch Inc., and Netafim.  The WGCIT residents that presented their technologies included: Tailwater Systems, California Safe Soil, HeavyConnect, Novihum, PowWow Energy, SWIIM, Pago, Grower’s Secret, and GeoVisual Analytics. The goal of the Grower Trial Network is for startups to match with grower’s needs and implement successful trials to prove their technology in the marketplace.