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Hayashi Wayland Provides Expert Tax Assistance to Help Startups Save Time and Money

Posted on November 13, 2017 16:43 PM by WGCIT

When launching a new business, filing your taxes is probably one of the last things on your mind. But it shouldn’t be.

Waiting until the last minute to try to navigate through the complexities of filing your taxes as a start-up company could result in you leaving money on the table—or worse, costly penalties or other legal repercussions. To ensure that your new business is handling its tax obligations properly, consult a tax professional.

As a resident of the WG Center for Innovation & Technology, you have direct access to tax advisors such as Hayashi Wayland. Hayashi Wayland, a premiere accounting firm, is a sponsor of the WGCIT and is dedicated to helping agricultural technology entrepreneurs achieve financial success.

For over 35 years, Hayashi Wayland has assisted clients in the agricultural industry in everything from income tax preparation and retirement planning to investment services and business solutions for long-term financial security. Just recently, Hayashi Wayland hosted a coaching session for the companies housed in the WGCIT. Hayashi Wayland tax partners, Gina Cochetti, CPA, MST, and Alan Stark, CPA, MBA, CITP, offered exclusive tax help, tips and tools, as well as provided guidance on the changes in business tax laws. Cochetti and Stark also held one-on-one sessions with the startups, answering company-specific questions related to tax deductions and minimizing tax liabilities during.

“I gained some new insights from Gina and Alan into how ag companies think about tax planning and how this impacts purchase decisions,” said Aaron Enz, vice president of business development for Alta Energy. “This directly impacts our business, so it was very helpful.”

Receive expert advice from tax professionals and start saving money, contact Hayashi Wayland at (831) 759-6300.