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  • Drought or Not, PG&E Assists Farmers With New Water Management Technology

GUEST BLOG: Wexus Teams with PG&E to Assists Farmers With New Water Management Tech

Posted on April 14, 2017 15:22 PM by WGCIT

By Chris Terrell 
CEO & Co-Founder of Wexus Technologies, Inc.

We just teamed with Pacific Gas & Electric to bring new water management tools for agricultural customers. Through our collaboration, we enable conservation of both water and energy. One of the most significant energy uses on farms is moving and pumping water. We will remotely connects pumps, buildings, PG&E electric SmartMeters and water flow meters via cloud technology. This gives ag customers another option to track, interpret, and manage their water and energy use effectively.

Together, we will continue to work with the ag community to manage water and energy use through a variety of existing programs and incentives. Energy efficiency programs help agricultural customers increase the efficiency of their pumps and irrigation systems, reducing the energy intensity and cost of their operations. 

You can learn more about the partnership in our press release: https://wexusapp.com/wexus-teams-pge/