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GUEST BLOG: An Update on Advancing Integrated Crop and Water Management

Posted on August 03, 2016 15:27 PM by WGCIT

By Kevin France
CEO of SWIIM System, Ltd.  

We have been busy expanding our reach in California and continuing to build momentum for new deployments in both Colorado and Arizona. Additionally, we have expanded our reach in the Central Valley as we continue to deploy there and are in the process of deployment preparations around a brand-new region in Southern California. 

We recently executed a formal definitive agreement with Western Growers further solidifying our relationship with this well-respected organization. As a result, we now have interest in three new regions of California, and one new region in both Colorado and Arizona. 

Our growth has exploded to tens of thousands of acres in California alone, which has led to a need for us to begin planning our Series B funding framework approximately six months earlier than originally expected. We are in the planning process now, which will be developed alongside our Series A funding lead, an Australian-based agricultural productivity investor.

To learn more about how our technology allows farmers to help plan, monitor and verify their crop and water use, visit https://www.swiimsystem.com/