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Grower Trial Network Continues in Bakersfield

Posted on July 17, 2019 08:58 AM by elyons

The latest Grower Trial Network (GTN) event took place on Monday, July 15, in Bakersfield. Kern Machinery hosted this wonderful event, where the agtech startups from the Center privately and individually pitched their technologies to a group of growers from the Bakersfield area. Production team members from WG members, such as Tasteful Selections, Richpak, Wegis & Young, Grimmway and Wonderful Orchards, attended the program.

The WGCIT was proud of the participation from its agtech innovators for this GTN Bakersfield event! Seventeen entrepreneurs from 15 start-up companies used their time with this group of Bakersfield growers to showcase their technology and ask for feedback on the issues farmers are facing in their specific growing region. The Bakersfield growers included orchards and row crop, fruits and vegetables and farm organically and conventionally, so they were a wealth of knowledge for our agtech community. The program was originally scheduled to run from 1-4pm, but both the growers and the startups were so excited about collaborating that the event ran until after 5pm. We are so grateful to the growers for staying and engaging with our innovators on their personal time!

Thank you for participating Monday:

  • Ganaz
  • WaterBit
  • California Safe Soil
  • Croptracker
  • Boost Biomes
  • TracMap
  • GroGuru
  • Novihum
  • Pago
  • Wexus Technologies
  • AgTools
  • Concentric Power
  • SWIIM Systems
  • Harvestport
  • FieldIn

For more information about GTN, contact Dennis Donohue at ddonohue@WGA.COM or (831) 594-4883.