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Western Growers Global Harvest Automation Initiative

Posted on April 14, 2021 10:26 AM by WGCIT

On February 11, Western Growers officially rolled out its Global Harvest Automation Initiative – a series of projects that aim to automating 50 percent of harvest throughout the specialty crop industry within 10 years.

The global initiative is comprised of several key projects uniquely designed to solve the ag industry’s labor woes while simultaneously helping harvest automation start-up companies commercialize and scale at a more rapid pace:

  • Technology Stack: A documented set of technical interfaces that will help startups leverage industry-standard components so their robots can get into fields and markets faster.
  • Harvest Automation Cohort: A cohort of automation startups will be selected based on industry input to receive exclusive access to systems integration to help integrate the tech stack into their product roadmap, strategy for go-to-market support, field trials and case studies.
  • Impact Report: A comprehensive analysis on the impact of harvest automation on the specialty crop industry will be provided annually based on grower metrics.
  • Harvest Automation Traction Roadmap: A list of current harvest automation startups by crop type and in-market progress/traction will be distributed regularly.

Below are resources for additional information about the GHAI:

  • GHAI Launch Event:
    • Livestream Recording: The full recording of the launch event, segmented by each event, can be found on Western Growers’ YouTube Channel here.
      • Includes analysis and updates on the following topics:
        • State of labor in the specialty crop industry
        • The Global Harvest Automation Initiative
        • In-Depth Panels: Tech and Grower
        • Update/Analysis: Automation, Global Scale, Tech Stack, Software/AI, UK-US Startups, France-US Startups, Robots, Drones, New Zealand Startups
    • Event Images: Images from the launch event can be found on the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology’s Facebook page here.
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For more information on the GHAI, contact Walt Duflock or Dennis Donohue.