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  • Nolan Paul

WG Insider with Nolan Paul of Driscoll’s

Posted on January 18, 2017 10:07 AM by WGCIT

On January 17, 2017, Nolan Paul, R&D Strategy & Emerging Technology at Driscoll’s, presented his company’s approach to technology and innovation. At the core of his presentation was how Driscoll’s works with startups and developers. Because Driscoll’s utilizes an independent grower model, the company evaluates new technologies to protect their output. Nolan echoed the need for increased automation with the labor issues here and abroad.


Nolan’s personal biography is incredibly interesting, and with a background in investment banking, he understands different investment models that startups may request from a partner like Driscoll’s. He has also written two books and is a strong communicator. He discussed several keys to startup success:


1.    Make it easy for the company you are approaching to tell you the truth. This will protect your time and money, and theirs.

2.    Budget accurately.

3.    Develop implementation goals with a realistic timeline.

4.    Understand the skill sets of the employees you are working closely with.

5.    Ask the right questions of the right people within the organization you are working with.


Nolan visited with the participating WGCIT residents for nearly two hours: representatives from LotPath, Alta Energy, Wexus Technologies, BAM, Inteligistics, HeavyConnect, Trace Genomics, California Safe Soil, Food Origins, iFood Decision Sciences, and Western Growers participated in this presentation and Q&A Session.