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Olivier Jerphagnon

AgMonitor provides a farming decision-support software suite improving crop production efficiency and profit margins. At half the cost of traditional solutions, AgMonitor’s hardware-free platform is perfectly suited for growers looking to increase yield and reduce water, fertilizer, and energy inputs.

Mariana Vasconcelos

We develop state-of-the-art technology for the Rural Producer to use the power of data and explore the maximum potential of each hectare and real invested. Agrosmart technology is already used by companies and farmers in countries such as Brazil, the United States, Israel and others in Latin America.

AgTools LLC
Martha Montoya

AgTools,Winner of ML and AI in 2016 and 2017, provides game-changing intelligence to the agriculture market through up-to-the-moment statistics that affect time, cost, supply, demand, alternatives and more throughout the produce chain of food from farm to table on all levels. The company’s predictive technology will assist to solve and simplify decision making in the food industry. “We provide real time algorithm data service to farmers and buyers to offset volatility in the market increasing profitability and saving 74 billion dollars of food waste per year.”

Bruce Rasa

AgVoice provides a voice-to-data, workflow management service for food and ag professionals. By combining a voice-enabled user experience with a cloud-based proprietary analytics platform, AgVoice enables users to achieve verifiable fast inspections, reporting and workflow management for the agri-food supply chain more accurately. These actionable insights can improve yield, reduce risk and optimize sustainable use of water, fertilizer and pesticides.

Bear Flag
Igino Cafiero

Bear Flag utilizes innovative autonomous tractor technology in helping farmers increase productivity. Bear Flag Robotics is developing self-driving technology for tractors and implements. The Bear Flag mission is to lower the cost of farming through automation.

BioSensing Systems
Vincent Pluvinage

BioSensing Systems combines technologies from multiple sources with internal inventions, to enable new efficient uses of hyperspectral imaging in Agriculture and through the food supply chain.

Boost Biomes
Jamie Bacher

Boost Biomes is using the powerful social networks among microbes to provide novel, sustainable solutions to feed and heal people everywhere. The first products under development will reduce the enormous waste in agricultural products due to crop loss to fungal pests in the field and post-harvest. The technology differentiator is the development of a causal understanding of microbial interactions powerful enough to allow the rational construction of designer functional consortia.

Charlie Anderson

Burro builds robots to help people work more productively, with the long-term objective of automating all tedious work people do in specialty agriculture. The launch product, Burro, is an expandable robotic platform that follows workers, moves cargo autonomously, and captures the data needed to further automate farm work.

Samuel Fournier

ChrysaLabs brings the Lab into the Field. ChrysaLabs developed a portable probe that can measure in real-time soil nutrients and soil health, giving every needed information within seconds to producers and agronomists, with the same exact accuracy of a laboratory. Through the management platform, workers can access easily every data and take action quickly.

Concentric Power
Brian Curtis

Concentric Power is an innovative clean energy infrastructure company dedicated to sustainable agriculture and industry. Concentric develops onsite cogeneration facilities to deliver electric power and low temperature refrigeration from high efficiency, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated systems.

Concept Clean Energy
Elliot Jaramillo

Concept Clean Energy is a full-service renewable energy firm that brings together cutting-edge technologies to help clients create solutions that deliver excellent financial and environmental results. Current projects include large-scale solar, demand management, co-generation and energy storage.

David Hatch

Corvium’s fully integrated food risk intelligence solution is used by food safety professionals and executives to streamline and optimize product testing, environmental sampling, and sanitation workflows. Schedule, run and audit the environmental monitoring plan in one, easy to use, workflow system. From raw materials to finished products and COA's, Corvium's platform meets all product testing needs.

FarmWise Lab Inc.
Sebastian Boyer

FarmWise builds smart and autonomous robots to solve the problem of weeds in agriculture, saving farmers time, labor and money. Their autonomous vegetable weeder provides consumers with healthier products and greater yields.

Boaz Bachar

FieldIn is an end-to-end pest management software solution for professional growers of specialty crops. They help growers save money on more efficient crop protection practices, reducing overall use of pesticides and eliminating spray mistakes. By utilizing sensors on equipment, FieldIn provides equipment tracking, real-time alerts on spray mistakes, pest management performance reports, view of pest population hotspots, pest severity levels and more.

Food Origins
Nathan Dorn

Food-Origins provides unparalleled insight into the production of high-value and specialty crops. By delivering actionable data to significantly improve productivity for handpicked crops, Food Origins connects the land, farmer, and consumer with new standards of insights and access.

Full Harvest
Christine Moseley

Full Harvest is defining how technology is used to solve one of the world’s largest problems — food waste. Full Harvest specializes in selling surplus and imperfect produce, some of which is Full Harvest’s own Innovative Grade and/or Verified Rescued™ produce. The B2B marketplace is the first to connect food and beverage companies with farms to buy surplus & imperfect produce.

Hannah Freeman

Ganaz is a workforce management platform for agriculture with a mass communications system as its first tool. Ganaz uses technology to address shared pain points between employers and workers so that both parties thrive. The HR people management platform was built for agriculture and food manufacturing.

GeoVisual Analytics
Charles McGregor

GeoVisual’s OnSight platform is an early warning and monitoring system that helps improve crop yields and reduce losses by detecting problems in the field earlier and with more precision. Crop scouts, PCAs, applicators, agronomists and growers can all be on the same page about what is happening in the field, along with a complete record of all collected data for thorough analysis and reporting. GeoVisual was recently featured in WG&S Magazine.

Patrick Zelaya

HeavyConnect is the World's Easiest Compliance App. We improve our customer's regulatory compliance with a powerful web dashboard and an easy-to-use mobile app. From the field to the facility, HeavyConnect provides growers, packers, and shippers a simple tool to comply with industry regulations.

Jack Williams - Ellis

Hummingbird is a market leading imagery analytics provider. Hummingbird's core offering includes first to market capabilities in sustainability and predictive analytics, as well as dominant high resolution and low-resolution precision agronomy products. By pushing the boundaries of science and technology, Hummingbird’s mission is to improve the efficiency of global crop production, and to feed the world’s growing population sustainably.

Diane Wetherington

iFoodDS provides flexible food safety software applications for the specialty crop industry. They develop paperless, easy–to–use solutions for food safety data entry, reporting, and analysis for growers, harvesters, packers, shippers, and processors.

Steven Hoffman

Insero’s history is based on tech support and experience. It is a new company, established to have more interaction between company and customer. Insero has a major focus on bringing better training and knowledge to people but understanding the customer’s needs is paramount. Insero’s Vision is to bring Solutions to users.

Rao Mandava

Inteligistics offers innovative cool chain temperature visibility solutions to the fresh produce industry using “Internet of Things” and “Big Data” technologies. They integrate low power wireless (ZigBee/Bluetooth) sensors and “Machine to Machine” communications via smart gateways and patented circuits. The Cloud based software enables user friendly web services, graphics, reports, dashboards and alerts in order to enable highly effective customer operations. Our products are currently installed at a number of major produce companies in California and Mexico.

Cole Powers

IntelliCulture believes precision agriculture should be accessible to all. In the future, whether we like it or not, farming is going to look different than what we are used to. IntelliCulture’s mission is to provide you with affordable technology that drives ROI in your operation. Their farm management software is designed to address three of the industry’s largest challenges, labor availability, pest prevention & machine safety.

iTradeNetwork, Inc.
Jason Varnii

Only iTradeNetwork is built for the food supply chain, enabling the visibility, control and insights built on the largest end-to-end food-centric supply network in the industry. Through an extensive trading partner network and a comprehensive data foundation, iTradeNetwork’s products allow distributors, manufacturers, operators, retailers, suppliers and wholesalers to easily communicate and collaborate on orders, logistics and distribution. Solutions offered by iTradeNetwork reduce cost, grow revenue and strengthen trading partner relationships.

Naio Technologies
Simon Belin

French AgTech company specializes in agricultural robotics. Naio Technologies make autonomous robots that make farming easier. Naio’s objective is offering practical and durable solutions to agriculture.

Doug Walters

Founded in 2012, Novihum Technologies GmbH is a global provider of soil enhancement solutions to increase agricultural yields, improve plant resilience and make soils more fertile. Novihum Technologies manufactures its proprietary and patent protected lignite-based products at its 1,000 ton/year demonstration facility in Dortmund, Germany. The Company’s team of 30 employees aims to impact 1 million hectares of land by 2030.

Mike Dodson

Pago is creating a smarter food supply, one app at a time. Pago offers web and mobile tools for growers, labor, packing house, cold storage, sales to assess the quality of fruits of vegetables. Creating innovative software for food and agriculture, Pago serves farmers, fresh produce packers and shippers, juice makers, food manufacturers, and others working hard to feed the world.

Mike Sherman

Founded in 2003, rfxcel is the global leader in supply chain track and trace solutions. rfxcel provides leading-edge software solutions to help companies manage every aspect of their supply chains, lower costs, and protect their products and brand reputations. rfxcel specializes in product serialization, traceability and compliance to provide the most accurate data to meet global government requirements.

Roi Adar

RootsTalk, an advanced drip irrigation system, is the first to offer "Irrigation as a Service" through an autonomous irrigation controller. The company’s non-conventional oxygen availability method enables them to reach unparalleled results for almost any crop, under any growing condition. RootsTalk guarantees all clients a gross gain of at least $100,000.

Russell Pacific
Eben Russell

Russell Pacific is bringing to growers The ATI DuraTrack™ HZ, which is a ground mounted solar racking system known as a single axis tracker. By tracking the sun’s movements, the solar panels on a tracker will harvest more energy than if they remained in a fixed position. The superior production capabilities of a tracker during peak times provide better ROIs and yield more value out of the same land.

Harjeet Bajaj

Savormetrics’s FoodSafe Analyzers provide a fully integrated, real-time food quality analysis tool. The integration of cutting-edge hardware and software technology allows for non-destructive quantitative and qualitative measurements of fresh food products. Savormetric’s team of food scientists and engineers will train the algorithms to help achieve the business outcomes you desire.

Sky X
Eylon Sorek

Skyx.Solutions is an agricultural-robotics technology company enabling a modular fleet of autonomous drones for spraying. The innovative solution enables variable-rate application at spots or uniform coverage of entire farmland. SkyX serves growers and applicators that require new standards for their cost, accuracy, availability, and safety.

Richard De Andrade

Solare is in the Industrial produces and food business. Solare is currently working on additional IP and developing various products for the marketplace.  Solare has several use cases to expand the use of our OECD listed Certified Hemp seed in addition to traditional uses. They will be announcing more as we make progress and get our new products to the marketplace.  Stay Tuned!

Tailwater Systems, Inc.
John Skardon

Tailwater Systems specializes in a low cost, high performance process for reducing nitrates in surface and subsurface drainage. The company designs, builds, installs and operates compact bioreactors for removing nutrients and other regulated substances from an operation’s drainage.

Xiong Chang

Tensorfield Agriculture is building the next generation of agricultural machines with a focus on applications for specialty row crops in a post-herbicide world. Tensorfield Agriculture is pioneering the commercial adoption of thermal micro dosing for weed control in vegetable crops.

Curtis Garner

Verdant Robotics was founded to provide the best autonomous farming services in the world. Their unique technology transforms grower profits by digitally mapping the entire farm across time and space, automatically tracking and treating every part of every plant — at a massive scale.