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GUEST BLOG: Feeding the World

Posted on December 22, 2016 10:01 AM by WGCIT

By: Dennis Amoroso  

President, Plant Nutrition Technologies

In this age of faster internet and more powerful cell phones and more apps and making things shinier and brighter and faster our farming communities have been lost in the scuffle for the lime light. We forget that if we can’t eat we won’t be interested in any of the bright shiny toys we enjoy so much. The farmers are still doing what they did two hundred years ago and throughout human history; providing us with the food we need to sustain these bio-mechanical machines we live in called our bodies. We need proper fuel and the proper amount of it to be successful in any other part of our lives. When the farmers face challenges in providing us with that proper nutrition we don’t respond or even seem to care.

     Farmers are faced with more challenges than just producing good food for us. They have to make sure it is pretty and clean so as not to disturb our delicate sensibilities. In the race to make it look good and be properly packaged they also face new economic challenges such as the cost of water and labor and fertilizer and fuel. We have been trained to believe that if it is in a nice package and it looks good then it must be good FOR us. This is the challenge the farmers are facing at this moment in time. They must provide us with good quality food that feeds our bodies well from land that has been being grown upon for hundreds of years and thus has been depleted of basic nutrients.

     The lack of basic nutrients is evident in the plague of obesity and disease that has stricken our great nation. The rise of heart disease and cancer, birth defects and diseases of old age can be traced back to the food we eat every day. The farmers are doing all they can but no one seems to care about their dilemma. Until now! We at Plant Nutrition Technologies Inc. understand and acknowledge the challenges to growing good food year in and year out decade upon decade century upon century. We have stepped up to the challenge of the need for the nutrients that are lacking in the fields and that no one else is providing in the quantities needed to sustain the production the farmers need so they can stay in business and continue to provide us with the food we need. Food that not only fills our bellies but once again feeds our bodies down to the very cells which make us. High levels of superb nutrition will feed a new generation of men and women focused on innovation and creative talents. It will reduce the disease and sickness that plague us and cost our country so much in lives and good people. 

     When our economy becomes soft or goes sour, when a problem occurs that seems to have no solution, it is time for all those who benefit from it to stop their headlong rush for the acquisition of more, and yet more, and remind themselves what it was that created this robust economy in the first place.  Getting back to basics is good for us all, in everything we do.