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WGCIT Starts a “Welcome Wagon” to Onboard New Startups

Posted on January 07, 2022 15:56 PM by elyons

New agtech startups joining the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology will now be invited to regular on-boarding meetings. Moderated by WGCIT Executive Director Dennis Donohue, these meetings will serve as an introduction to the Center, the Salinas Valley, WGCIT startup residents, WG member farmers and the WGCIT Grower Trial Network (GTN). The monthly meetings will serve as a “welcome wagon” for new innovators joining the Center.

This week, WGCIT hosted its first ‘Welcome Wagon’ meeting virtually. One entrepreneur from the last five companies to join the Center logged on. Dennis introduced the concept behind the GTN, the next batch of agtech activities the Center is participating in and asked for feedback from the new residents. He then introduced the newest technologists to GTN partners, including Josh Ruiz of Church Brothers and Drew Ketelsen of HMC Farms. The startups also had the opportunity to ask questions of the farmers, of each other, and of Dennis.

 ‘Welcome Wagon’ meetings will take place monthly, or every other month, depending on the schedules of our newest residents. These introductions will eventually take place inside the Center, but are being scheduled via Zoom for now.