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TECH TALK: Perfecting Your Packing Solutions with specright

Posted on April 12, 2016 16:09 PM by WGCIT

There’s no denying that packaging is a critical part of each step in the supply chain. Without packaging, the system would break down.

“In agriculture—especially in produce—everything is packaged,” said Adam Armstrong, VP Business Development at specright. “As a spec moves along the packaging chain, there can be missing or inaccurate information. So that’s where Specright comes in and changes the packaging world.”

specright hosted a Tech Talk at the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology (WGCIT) on April 5, enlightening 30 professionals—from growers and packers to shippers and IT specialists—about their innovative packaging solution.

The team discussed how SKUzilla is on the rise with up to 10,000 new SKUs being added every day. Current solutions are too inefficient to keep up with SKU proliferation.

“The power of speright is that it gives you the opportunity to manage this process end to end so you can see problems hopefully before they happen,” said Adam Fugate, VP Operations/Engineering at specright.

specright’s cloud and engineering tools can be utilized by growers, packers, shippers and retailers to control their specs, source, do analysis, share and improve their bottom line. The platform can be access anytime, anywhere and by all parties involved.

“We provide access to the retailers, suppliers and distributors so they all see the same packaging specifications and are all on the same page,” said Armstrong.

In addition developing a platform that houses data, specright has teamed up with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to form a packaging engineering services group. specright’s team of expert engineers take client assets and produces certified, high-quality specs. Highly-skilled engineering students are on hand to help clients make decisions along the way.

“Currently Specright is a specification repository with a number of features and tools that make your specs actionable. We are developing it into an intelligence platform so clients can get recommendations [from the packaging engineers] and make cost savings and efficiency increasing decisions,” said Armstrong.

The specright team closed their presentation, which was conducted on site at the WGCIT and via webinar, with a live demo of their product. Fugate and Armstrong detailed how the specright platform works and answered audience questions along the way.