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  • Josette Lewis

New VofV Podcast Episode – Almond Evolution: Self-Pollinating Varieties, Rootstock Gene Editing, Labor-Saving Tech

Posted on October 19, 2021 11:49 AM by WGCIT

What do pest-controlling GMO insects have in common with orchard biomass recycling? They are part of the almond industry’s effort to increase crop yield, improve water efficiency, control almond-killing pests and mitigate climate change.

In the newest episode of Voices of the Valley, Almond Board of California Chief Science Officer Josette Lewis reveals the latest research and near-term innovations that are solving the almond’s major pain points. She dives deep with podcast hosts Dennis Donohue and Candace Wilson about labor-saving tech that eliminates a step in the harvest process, almond varieties that can pollinate themselves, recycling orchard biomass to significantly sequester carbon, and using genetically modified insects to control the navel orangeworm pest.

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