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New Faces in the WGCIT September 2016

Posted on September 28, 2016 10:20 AM by WGCIT

The Center continues to grow, now housing 24 AgTech startup companies. AgriData Inc. and BAM Agricultural Solutions both joined the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology this month, to be, as our banner says, "Where agriculture meets technology." 

AgriData is a solution for estimating fruit-bearing crops by measuring the actual fruits. The primary problem it tackles is forecasting accuracy, however, it can also be used as a tool for thinning and variable rate farming. The product roadmap also includes maturity, timing of harvest, and detection of stress, disease and pest.


The AgriData Inc. solution is composed of:

·         a camera to be mounted on existing farming vehicles driven through a permanent crop field: tractors, ATVs, sprayers, etc.

·         a patent-pending software that analyzes the imagery collected and provides quantitative and qualitative information about the fruits in an orchard or vineyard presented in the form of yield maps

·         the AgriData yield maps that are both meant to be a decision making tool for the farming business and an operational tool for farming itself when it comes to thinning, investigating low yield issues and recording specific observations in time and space in the orchard and the vineyard

·         the ability to export the AgriData yield data to other GIS systems as well as import other data (such as irrigation maps) into the AgriData maps


BAM Agricultural Solutions is a next generation agribusiness focused on providing valuable solutions to challenges facing world agriculture. We are using our patented platform technology to introduce a broad and evolving product line of precision agriculture products. BAM-FX, the company’s flagship product is a commercially available, liquid micronutrient product that no other company can offer.  This disruptive technology that was originally created to promote growth of strong plants for NASA astronauts on long duration Space missions on the International Space Station and deep space voyages, has demonstrated significant applications to agriculture here on Earth.