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The Latest from the Twittersphere

Posted on April 08, 2020 09:36 AM by elyons

Full Harvest @FullHarvestTech


The #coronavirus pandemic is leading food waste to become a bigger issue as foodservice buyers suddenly stop receiving deliveries. As a result, farmers have no alternative but to turn fresh vegetables into mulch. https://politi.co/2Xc6rVR

@politico #covid19 #foodwaste


Western Growers @WesternGrowers


Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the #ag industry is still enhancing #foodsafety of leafy greens through a new website: http://leafygreenguidance.com



FarmWise @FarmWiseLabs


The #IoT and #BigData now play an integral role in the #agtech industry. At FarmWise, we utilize vision #technology sensors in our #AI-powered #robots to protect plants against harmful weeds. Learn more about how big data and IoT are related: https://bit.ly/2wmn0DG #agritech



HarvestPort @harvestport


We're hosting a virtual Ag Innovation Exchange event on April 16th to support the exchange of ideas and innovations between growers and vendors, virtually. Register to join the conversation! #agtech #farming https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtual-ag-innovation-exchange-tickets-101825372430



Kevin France @kevinmfrance


Thank you to Gene and the rest of our field team - maintaining critical infrastructure in this challenging time. Your dedication does not go unnoticed.


SWIIM System @swiimsystem


Meet Gene! Gene is our project manager here at Swiim System in Fresno, CA. Here at SWIIM System we are dedicated to helping you utilize your water to the best of its ability. #farmwaterbudget #swiim  @WesternGrowers  @theagcenter



Dave Puglia @Dave_Puglia


Keep eating healthy everyone, and remember why you can, even in times like this. #agisessential


Western Growers @WesternGrowers


Farmers & farmworkers are among the true heroes in this #COVID19 pandemic. Hear from the men & women who are still showing up on the farm every day to keep us fed! #agisessential @NeillCallis @lacy_lit10



Hank Giclas @hgiclas


It’s National Agriculture Day!! Thank you to all farmers who are working hard to keep safe/nutritious food on the table during these difficult days #Farmers #Heroes #AgDay20


FarmWise @FarmWiseLabs


ICYMI: Sebastien Boyer, our CEO, recently penned this article, "What Does COVID-19 Teach Us About Farming?", available to read here: https://bit.ly/33U53Zx #agtech #agritech #agriculture #COVID19 #coronavirus #farming



Western Growers CIT @wg_cit


We are so proud of the @WesternGrowers farmers working to feed the nation. Our fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain is safe, and people need to eat fresh produce to stay healthy. #supplychain #foodsafety #agtech https://www.thepacker.com/article/no-reason-avoid-fresh-produce-during-outbreak



iFoodDS @iFoodDecisionSc


"The application process requires that you apply 2 months before you need workers. So summer fruits & vegetables could get stacked up like dominoes. It's going to affect the entire country."  @JasonEResnick of  @WesternGrowers  https://washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/18/seasonal-farmworkers-visas-food-supply-chain-coronavirus/… #freshproduce #foodindustry