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The Latest from the Twittersphere

Posted on June 04, 2019 10:16 AM by elyons

The Mixing Bowl‏ @Mixingbowlhub  Our Seana Day has released her AgTech Landscape 2019 analysis of over 1,600+ startups innovating on the farm and in the 'Messy Middle' of food https://buff.ly/2EUB8F4  @AgFunder @seanahull cc: @baconista @robtrice3 @MRoseAgFoodTech @betterfoodvc


Santa Cruz Tech Beat‏ @SCTechBeat   Western Growers @wg_cit Offers List of #Agtech http://www.santacruztechbeat.com/2019/05/28/western-growers-offers-list-of-agtech-startups/ #Startups#santacruztech @WesternGrowers @CityofSalinas


Western Growers CIT‏ @wg_cit   Join the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology at this year's Forbes AgTech Summit, as we investigate 'The Future of Food.' #agtech Register with our Salinas Partner Rate here: https://www.forbes.com/forbes-live/event/2019-agtech-summit/?promo=AgTechWG


SWIIM System‏ @swiimsystem   DID YOU KNOW? The @swiimsystem OnFarm dashboard processes over 40 million data points each month. It includes water application, water consumption, crop stress, climate, soil moisture and other important inputs #farmwaterbudget #ag #water #SGMA    https://swiim.com/40-million-reasons-to-use-the-onfarm-dashboard/


FarmWise‏ @FarmWiseLabs    In 2017 in the US, there were about 2.04 million farms and 21.6 million (full- and part-time) jobs were related to the agricultural and food sectors. Here are more facts about the US #farming industry http://bit.ly/2Xq7pv1  #agstats #agriculture @MktsInsider

AgritechNZ‏ @agritech_nz    Agritech Unleashed takes place at National Fieldays next week. To celebrate the Queen's Birthday holiday, register your free ticket today! https://agritechnz.org.nz/fieldays-2019/ 


Waterbit, Inc.‏ @WaterBitInc     WaterBit is hiring for a talented and competitive Sales Development Manager to drive Inside Sales and Marketing and build our team of Sales Development Reps. https://buff.ly/2WgcUzb  #agtech #agwater #agsales #startup #hiring #mjdoa


AgTools‏ @ag_tools    The United States produces about half of the world's corn and 10% of its wheat. It also accounts for 20% of the globe's beef, pork, and lamb. Read more: https://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/economies/Americas/United-States-of-America-AGRICULTURE.html#ixzz5mZy4kJqq … USA#Corn#Production#Consumer#Agriculture Visit : http://www.AG.Tools 


Danny Royer‏ @agtechleader   Picked up a new #agtech hat today and got to spend some time with some of the team @tracegenomics. Amazing team that is revolutionizing the way we look at #soil and the living organisms in them. Looking forward to learning and sharing more while I’m on my #agtektrek this summer!


SWIIM System‏ @swiimsystem @swiimsystem has been chosen to be featured at the @Forbes Ag Tech @WesternGrowers Ag Tech Showcase in Salinas, June 26-27. We are proud to be recognized as as Top 25 Ag Tech company 2 years a a row helping growers with their water @wg_cit #FORBESAGTECH    https://swiim.com/swiim-at-forbes-ag-tech-in-salinas/


Fieldin‏ @fieldintech    Fieldin is growing its team and has open positions in the U.S., Israel and Australia. Visit our careers page to learn more and join our award-winning team https://fieldintech.com/careers/ 


Tom Nassif‏ @TomNassif    I've worked on #immigrationreform since the beginning of my @WesternGrowers tenure. 17 years later, we're still looking for ways to reconcile the economic needs of #ag w/ the political needs of Congress. But, I'm confident in our chances for success.


Tailwater Systems‏ @TailwaterSystem    We are please to announce that we have been selected to be a part of Forbes Agtech Salinas 2019!. Got nitrate problems? Not anymore. Come see the best nitrate removal solution commercially available. #FORBESAGTECH #NITRATE #NITRATEREMOVAL


City of Salinas‏ @CityofSalinas    As home to the annual @forbes #agtech summit, #Salinas continues to serve as a leader in #agriculture technology, solving the global food issues of today and tomorrow: http://ht.ly/4bbo30mrGi0


Western Growers‏ @WesternGrowers  Predictive analytics #startup @ag_tools has come up with a tool that aggregates immense amounts of data & simplifies it down to key factors to improve decision-making for farmers, suppliers and buyers. #agtech https://www. https://www.wga.com/magazine/2019/05/08/agtools-real-time-data-tech-improves-bottom-line-farmers