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Posted on October 09, 2018 13:54 PM by elyons

Western Growers CIT‏ @wg_cit Dennis Donohue will lead a panel on #AgTech trends at @GrassInnovation - featuring several of the companies housed in the @wg_cit. #LasVegas Register Today! https://www.growinginnovations.com/attend/whyattend/?utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=carousel


Silicon Valley Forum‏ @SVForum #blockchain in #ag helps bring trust and that’s been proved at @ripeio - Founder Raja Ramachandram #AgTechIBM #agtech #agriculture


Western Growers‏ @WesternGrowers Yesterday, @wg_cit lead Dennis Donohue interviewed @Vinsight CEO Megan Nunes on how she got initial funding for her #agtech #startup during @iiEDCSUMB @CSUMB Greater Vision Conference. Advancing #agtech!


HarvestPort‏ @harvestport HarvestPort's CEO ventures to the midwest! We are very much looking forward to engaging with Iowa growers and expanding into new geographies! #agtech

Brian Dawson‏ @brianpdawson Am grateful & humbled by the warm hospitality of Iowa farmers, inviting me to exchange ideas during harvest - Very proud @harvestport will now serve #Iowa


WexusTechnologies‏ @WexusApp   Meet Alyson Blume @ Greater Vision 2018 this Wednesday. Alyson is the Lead UX Designer at @WexusApp where she heads up design, strategy & testing of software features. RSVP HERE http://ow.ly/YBTA30m3cNz  @iiEDCSUMB


Radicle Growth‏ @RadicleGrowth Join me @WorldAgriTech Innovation Summit in London, Oct 16-17 speaking about Building a Financing Foundation for AgTech. Hope to see you there! https://bit.ly/2J5cZ1Q 


Santa Cruz Tech Beat‏ @SCTechBeat From @wg_cit - @Food_Origins: Precision Ag Startup Puts Actionable Data into Hands of Growers http://www.santacruztechbeat.com/2018/09/25/food-origins-precision-ag-startup-puts-actionable-data-into-hands-of-growers/ … #santacruztech #agtech @CityofSalinas


iFood‏ @iFoodDecisionSc Interested in voice-to-data tech & how it will help the #freshproduce industry? Listen in on @WG_CIT's Tech Talk Oct 17th by @AgVoiceGlobal. Register here: https://www.wga.com/blog/new-voice-data-tech-improve-workflow-management-discussed-next-tech-talk?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWmpreVlUQTVaakUwTkRobSIsInQiOiJRZWV5eUFadlVXTmRsR2VwZDVXdEVOUndkOU1zNTZZcHduNm42eTE4WlhvODhWUGFPNEs3VURMM1FzT2lWWWw3MHdOMWpBcHNnYjE5Z0NHWVJJMVJrWXcwT29Deld1OFk0RzJueFNMTlBTN3pEOEwxcTNBYzdOSVJXUUZcL1Q5WVcifQ%3D%3D … #AgTech #agdata


Wharf42‏ @wharf42HQ The next big global agritech opportunity. https://lnkd.in/fB6A__a  Wharf42 rarely publishes a blog post that’s random. This one isn’t. #Farm2050 #WesternGrowers #ThinkBigNZ @NZTechIA @TechweekNZ @wg_cit


Radicle Growth‏ @RadicleGrowth Check this report out about Australian Agtech: Opportunities and challenges as seen from a US venture capital perspective. @RadicleGrowth is honored to be part of this study! http://bit.ly/AgTechVC 


Food Origins‏ @Food_Origins  Looking back at an amazing ag tech event at NMSU. #Agsprint has taken the NSF Icorps program and focused on improving food and agriculture. @Food_Origins is proud to have been a part. We learn more about ourselves each day! #Agtech #NMSU


Driscoll's Berries‏ @driscollsberry  RT @driscollsberry Fun #agtech fact: we use soil moisture sensors, real-time water tracking and remote sensing to ensure we’re doing our best with #waterconservation. More on our efforts: http://bit.ly/2R2wjhn 


Tom Nassif Retweeted  Western Growers‏ @WesternGrowers The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (#USMCA) will enable #food & #agriculture to #trade more fairly, and could help expand exports of American agricultural products. Here's how: http://bit.ly/2IvDRWg