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The Latest from the AgTech Twittersphere

Posted on November 30, 2018 13:00 PM by elyons

City of Salinas‏ @CityofSalinas

It's no surprise #entrepreneurs are flocking to the #Salinas valley, for close access to farms, startup resources like the @wg_cit and more: https://bit.ly/2qmJde2 


The Bee Corp‏ @TheBeeCorp_

Thank you to our friends at @WesternGrowers & @wg_cit for selecting our company for the @WellsFargo Scholarship Grant! http://www.wginnovation.com/blog/four-new-startups-selected-esteemed-wells-fargo-scholarship


S2G Ventures‏ @seed2growth

This Burro wowed a panel of tech investors at @WesternGrowers AgSharks competition #freshproduce #AgTech @AugeanRobotics via @thepacker https://www.thepacker.com/article/burro-wowed-panel-tech-investors


FarmWise‏ @FarmWiseLabs

We are a passionate team of mechanical,#ArtificialIntelligence and #farming experts who believe that sustainable and profitable farming will come from smart robots on the fields! https://farmwise.io/ 



The 10 Hottest #Robotics Startups Of 2018: https://go.crn.com/2P8A9U4  @6riversystems @AvaRobotics @bright_machines @FetchRobotics @IAMRobotics @intuitionrobo @marblerobot @SkydioHQ @SoftRoboticsInc


ApisProtect‏ @ApisProtect

Thanks to the @IrishExaminer for featuring our CEO @Fedwards_ in this weeks Monday Interview. She describes the journey so far and highlights the potential market (91 million #beehives) for ApisProtect #hive monitors. https://bit.ly/2KGcA4o  @IGNITEUCC @UCC #bees


HarvestPort‏ @harvestport

We are bringing more options for crop inputs to farmers in partnership with Penny-Newman. Thanks, @agfunder for sharing this milestone update



SWIIM System‏ @swiimsystem

PPIC looks at a program that brings together local and state officials, logging interests, academics, policy experts, and tribal members, with the hope indigenous knowledge can bring new solutions to problems facing watersheds today. http://ow.ly/AKOr30mOOWP  #farmwaterbudget


Food Origins‏ @Food_Origins

Awesome article how team, local, and people matter to innovation. https://produceprocessing.net/news/food-origins-aims-to-take-blockchain-all-the-way-back-to-the-field/ … #AgTech, @CityofSalinas


Waterbit, Inc.‏ @WaterBitInc

Waterbit, Inc. Retweeted PrecisionAg.Com

We're so pleased that the publication PrecisionAg included WaterBit in this piece about new advances in #agtech! #precisionag #precisionagriculture #Sustainability #sustainablefarming #sustaibableag