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The Latest in AgTech…from the Twittersphere!

Posted on August 31, 2016 11:06 AM by WGCIT

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Santa Cruz Tech Beat ‏@SCTechBeat  [Santa Cruz Tech Beat Retweeted Western Growers CIT @Food_Origins presenting #AgTech this afternoon from the @wg_cit @CityofSalinas] Stay tuned. Just about to publish a Q&A with @Food_Origins


Western Growers CIT ‏@wg_cit  Congratulations to @GEOVisual_app @TerrAvion @agralogics! @wg_cit Startups included @CBinsights #AgTech Market Map: http://goo.gl/g83nMJ 


City of Salinas ‏@CityofSalinas See @YourTaylorFarms + @harvestport in action on this report by @AditiRoyCNBC at @CNBC! #agtech #salinas


Inteligistics‏@Inteligistics From the field to the store shelves, we do more than monitor temperature. Learn more about our chain of solutions: www.inteligistics.com/solutions/food/produce/


The Mixing Bowl ‏@Mixingbowlhub  How Tinder for Tractors is Shaking Up the Agriculture Industry - AgFunderNews http://buff.ly/2bFv6cn  @AgFunder @harvestport @wg_cit


Hank Giclas‏@hgiclas Platforms and sensors abound, Climate ties them together in a new offering http://bit.ly/2bHc7l2  Fresh produce next? @climatecorp @wg_cit


iDecisionSciences ‏@Foodsafetyscien   iDecisionSciences Retweeted ASI Food Safety

A good reminder! #safefood #foodsafety #FSMA ASI Food Safety‏@asifood Safer Food Saves Lives www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/foodsafety-2015/index.html