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Fall in Love with Our AgTech Startups this Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 13, 2019 15:22 PM by WGCIT

Have you ever thought about the role ag plays in Valentine’s Day? What about the technology farmers use to grow and harvest the perfect piece of produce? Or the delectable fruits and vegetables used to make the tastiest Valentine’s Day dinner? As Valentine’s Day approaches, there’s no better time to highlight some of the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology agtech startups we love and appreciate! Here’s a collection of startups who joined the Center in 2019 so far.

  1. Novihum Technologies

Novihum has one mission: to improve soils worldwide! The use of this product results in healthier soil, higher yields, higher harvest quality, better resource efficiency and greater plant resistance to environmental stressors.

  1. Solare Holding

Solare Holding is developing an advanced traceability system for the agriculture industry, giving farmers the ability to trace individual items to its source. Other components of this system include GPS tagged fields and the collection of farmworker data.

  1. GenZ Technoloy

GenZ is revolutionizing the way crops are sprayed, helping farmers protect their crops from pests and mildew. Their precision spray technology increases productivity and eliminates chemical drift, protecting the environment and reducing health risk for workers.

  1. PowWow

PowWow assist farmers in making measurable improvements in their operation while reducing water and energy inputs. Priding themselves in providing answers and not data to the ag industry, PowWow uses advanced data mining techniques to solve problems growers and processors face.

This is only a snapshot of the agtech startups who are developing innovations to solve ag’s most critical challenges. To learn more about the start-up companies housed in the Center, visit our new Western Growers AgTech Innovation Directory at https://www.agtechpages.com/.