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Posted on September 28, 2016 15:09 PM by WGCIT

@TomNassif: The definition of precision ag: A #tech solution to  the lack of labor. http://ow.ly/tugX304zYlb  via @GrowingProduce #agtech #precisonag


Inteligistics‏@Inteligistics #Nutrients in #Fruits and #Vegetables are constantly diminishing once they are picked.


Rabobank Wholesale ‏@RaboWholesale  VP of #SustainableBusiness Stephanie Potter talks #foodwaste today with @FullHarvestSF @SchnuckMarkets @calsafesoil_H2H & @AgFunder #16AIS


Hank Giclas ‏@hgiclas  Shared values are 3-5x more powerful than facts in establishing social license @foodintegrity @AgShowcase @wg_cit #agtech #farming #ethics


Conservis ‏@ConservisCorp The race for a “precision farming” market that could be worth $240 billion by 2050, according to Goldman Sachs.


MBEP ‏@MBEPartnership  Our latest Regional Report - Celebrating Innovation is out! @CSUMB @YourTaylorFarms @CityofSalinas @harvestport http://bit.ly/2ccM9QX 


Christina Farr ‏@chrissyfarr My latest on plant #genomics: "For the founders of Trace Genomics, strawberries are the low-hanging fruit."