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Accelerating the Development of AgTech

Posted on March 14, 2016 11:50 AM by WGCIT

Western Growers (WG) is accelerating the development of agricultural technology with its recently opened Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology (WGCIT). The WGIT, which is located in the heart of Salinas Valley, connects innovative entrepreneurs with farmers and other agricultural companies to bring forward creative solutions to the biggest challenges facing agriculture. 

The Center focuses on giving start-up companies housed in the Center the opportunity to meet with key Western Growers members. Entrepreneurs working out of the WGCIT are able to network and speak with growers to learn about their biggest obstacles, which is crucial to developing tailored products that best meets agriculture’s needs. The WGCIT also serves as a hub where start-up companies can connect with each other. With 13 start-up companies currently housed in the Center, innovators working on everything from temperature tracking to packaging management can collaborate on best practices and ways to create unique and comprehensive products.

Additionally, the WGCIT educates technology companies on industry needs, informs the agricultural industry on emerging technologies and enhances the commercial availability of agricultural technology. The Center has already hosted a number of programs and events where residents can meet with agricultural leaders, learn more about the agricultural industry and speak to growers about their products. These events includes Talk and Tour, the Tech Talk Series and Burritos and Brainstorming. In the coming months, the Center will also launch CEO Talks where residents will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with California’s most prominent farmers.

As part of WG’s commitment to helping each start up succeed, the WGCIT will continue to provide ample exposure opportunities for these agtech innovators and communicate the progress of each startup to its membership and the public. The WGCIT AgTech Blog is the Center’s latest effort to highlight company offerings by giving the community a first-hand look inside the startup. For more information on the guest blog or any of WGCIT’s offerings, contact Hank Giclas at (949) 885-2205.