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  • Haden Coleman

New VofV Podcast Episode – Using Social Media to Educate the Masses about Agriculture

Posted on March 22, 2022 09:45 AM by WGCIT

In this special Nation Ag Day episode of Voices of the Valley, Haden Coleman speaks about the importance of using social media for consumer education.

Haden was recently named the 2022 National Ag Day Essay Winner by the Agriculture Council of America for his piece on the power of technology in making a difference in the industry. Haden is a 17-year-old cattle farmer who has witnessed first-hand how technology has caused a chain reaction in the efficiency of farming and ranching. Over the years, he has become an advocate for using TikTok and Instagram to educate consumers about agriculture to garner more industry support. Listen as he shares tips on helping the public better understand where their food comes from.

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To read Haden’s National Ag Day Essay, American Agriculture: Growing a Climate for Tomorrow, click here.

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